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Rudolph Stein
""Matthew attended his final high school orchestra recognition banquet Wednesday evening and was recognized as the 2013-2014 THHS Instrumental Music Outstanding String Musician! What a great honor and a great way to close out his high school musical experience on such a high note(!).

He could not have accomplished all that he did to merit this award if it wasn't for your tutelage and inspiration as his cello instructor - Thank you! You certainly merit recognition as contributing significantly to his earning this award.

From Eileen and I, we want to thank you for your professionalism and patience in making Matthew a true musician."

Charlie W.
- Charlie W.
"Rudolph [Stein] is a great instructor!"      
- AM
"I had my first cello lesson and I found it great. Rudolph Stein is a very good teacher. He makes sure you understand what he is teaching."      
- Nathalie
"Thank you for this fabulous lesson. You definitely got me even more hooked up!"      
- Nathalie
"Lesson #6: still fabulous!! Cello is hard but Rudolph Stein is an excellent teacher . He is able to show me all the intricacies of cello playing via Skype, sometimes bringing the camera closer to see the details ( perhaps even better than if I were sitting in his class), sometimes showing me a whole image of him allowing me to see the big picture!
Bonus, I can schedule lessons when I want to , in the comfort of my apartment, change the schedule.... This is perfect for the crazy Manhttan lifestyle and the ONLY way I can continue taking lessons.
- Nathalie
Anthony Miranda
"Anthony Miranda is a great drum instructor! He's positive & kind while giving realistic feedback that is motivational and tailored to a student's musical interests (mine :-) ). His all-around knowledge gives him a powerful base from which to draw out great examples during lessons. It has been a great experience!"      
- Anon, Beginning Drummer
Doug Jacobs
""I am delighted to have found you Doug! Already, I feel much more confident in what I am doing with my music tech studies - although I know there is a long way to go. You are very good at working at my pace which is essential for me to get to grips with the new challenges, and it is clear to me you have a huge knowledge-base & experience in this field. I also feel I have found a believer in our 'music, health and well being' cause for which technology is going to play such an important part...come the revolution!" Adrian Bawtree"      
- Doug Jacobs
"I have had the pleasure of employing Doug Jacobs as a part-time music tutor in our Rock School project that ran twice a month up until 2011.
Rock school is a project where 9-18 year olds in local community can come free of charge to have the opportunity to learn instruments such as Lead Guitar; beginner guitar; drums and vocal training. Tutors such as Doug worked on a self employed basis and coached the children in one or more of their chosen areas, this meant often working with children with varying degrees of ability.
Doug often worked one on one with clients as well as in small group work and in both cases we had very good feed back from parents of the clients Doug taught.
I would happily recommend Doug being employed within any teaching frame work, he has been a great asset to the Rock school project and clients that attended it.
- Stella Andrea
Sonny Abraham
"Sonny John Sir is an amazing teacher with exceptional teaching quality.
Me & my grand son joined the classes to learn keyboard & we both enjoy learning music with him.His teaching style is so unique that you flow with all lessons so smoothly that even before you realize you have already acquired the skills. I have never seen any music teacher so dedicated and master of his art. With his guidance each lesson becomes very easy to understand. We don't only learn to play instrument, we also learn the in-depth theory of music.
- Umesh Thakkar
"Success of any teacher is to ignite quest for learning in his student, howsoever dull, his student might be. Due to various reasons including pre-occupation, I am not able to follow Mr John's one advice that I should practice at least 15 minutes daily and thus my learning is slow. I appreciate Mr John as a teacher who still encourages me and keeps me motivated. He is brilliant, what ever I learnt especially using both my hands together while playing Keyboard , full credit goes to him. I wish him further success as teacher and guide for those who are on journey destined to Music with emotion which the Almighty has love for-Ram niwas jha"      
- Sonny Abraham
Robert Raines
"When we found Robert to be a teacher for our son, we felt like we had FINALLY found what we were looking for! It is very evident that Robert is a skilled and experienced musician. Just as important, though, he is an excellent teacher. He is patient with our 9-year old son and communicates well with us. He's reliable and professional. He works well with children. Our son looks very much forward to his lessons and is motivated and inspired afterwards. He never complains about practicing. Our family couldn't be more pleased with our choice of Robert as a teacher. Highly recommended!"      
- Kazan Kautza