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Playing Piano

Skype Guitar Lessons - Online Music Institute

The home of learning a musical instrument or subject online through Skype music lessons. If you want to learn the guitar, we can bring your studies to life through interactive online Skype guitar lessons with a private online guitar teacher.

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It's the ideal online solution for anyone who is serious in wanting to study the guitar for school or just for fun and relaxation.

Skype brings free, high quality video conferencing to everyone with a webcam and a high speed internet connection. With this service it is possible to have high quality virtual guitar lessons with Skype. Many people are familiar with Skype so using Skype would be an excellent choice for your online guitar lessons. It is easy to get Skype, just click here.

If you have a webcam or a laptop with a built in webcam, you have all that's needed to start your online guitar classes.

Other Video Conferencing Alternatives

Gmail Voice and Video Chat - To take webcam guitar lessons with this service, you need Gmail and a Google browser plug-in.

Apple FaceTime - To take FaceTime guitar lessons with this service, you will need an Apple iPad, iPod or iPhone.

Click on the Sign Up Free! button above and you will be taken to a registration page. Fill out the form and we will email you a link for you to confirm your registration. Or you can log on with Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google, or your Microsoft Live account.